"Moving through scaffolds, cables and meters, Diego Gutiérrez makes his way. The sounds of the city sing, cry and squeal. Images overlap and the eyes of the passeby's are overwhelmed, delighted or blinded by the intensity of colors, the rhythm of shapes and the chaos produced by the mixed. Amazement rises in the same measure from ingenious as it does from uncertainty.
Starting from Plato's "Republic" to Saint Augustine's City of God; as from Thomas Moor's Utopia to the workshops for the extraction of salt conceived by Claude-Nicholas Ledoux in the XVIII century, cities have aspired to an order dictaded by reason. However a trail of references also shows us how, in it's aesthetic construction, the city has become uncontainable...

The city that Diego Gutiérrez has imagined does not adjust to plans and mental structures, it is not contained; but does on the contrary overflow in each detail. Between omen and vestige the artist finds testimonies that barely take shape, just to vanish in their ink. This city passes by two different latitudes, Costa Rica and China. In both of them prevail the affections, the smell, the stories, the uneasy sensation and the looks in the eyes of those who will soon disappear. The uncontainable city that Diego Gutiérrez has imagined falls, screams, suffocates and remembers."
Xiomara Zuñiga Salas

Orden caótico
digital print
110cms x 130 cms
Edition of 7 prints
2 A/P

Artificios del pensamiento.
silkscreen and digital print.
70cms x 80cms
Edition of 9 prints

16 colour silkscreen
100 cms x 70cms
Edition of 10 prints

Códigos & Estructuras
9 colour silkscreen
70 cms x 50 cms
Edition of 9 prints

Untitled (medidores)
36 colour silkscreen
70cms x 100 cms
Edition of 13 prints

Retazos de mi memoria
18 colour silkscreen
70 cms x 100 cms
Edition of 9 prints
3 A/P

handprinted photolithography
80 cms x 60 cms
Edition of 15 prints

Armonia del desorden
handprinted photolithography and silkscreen
80 cms x 60 cms
Edition of 25 prints