paper currency, silkscreen, video
Installation, performance

Authentic banknotes €5 bank notes are silkscreened on one side with an photosensitive ink. The result is the progressive and complete darkening upon one side of the banknote when exposed to direct sunlight in an accumulative period of time (25min). The project questions value and legitimation within cultural production and economic systems, either by directly paying with these altered banknotes and inserting them into circulation or by a self-reflexive gesture that presents the struggle for legitimacy and value vis a vis the roll of the Jury that selects, evaluates and installs.

36 authentic five euro bank notes, box.
Chine colle on kanawara paper, photosensitive silkscreen.
Dimensions 65 x 55 cm

36 authentic five euro bills silkscreened with a photosensitive ink submitted to competition (MTG Krakow International Print Triennal). When exposed to direct light, the ink starts a progressive and complete darkening upon one side of the bills for a period of aprox. 30-45 min. The piece is sent seal and unexposed to light inside a Black box accompanied with special Instructions: This lit must be open and removed ONLY by members of the JURY upon the moment of selection and decision process.

One channel DVD video
Printed comercial paper receipts corresponding to 20 "trans_actions" in the city of Valencia, Spain.

25 single authentic five euro bills silkscreened with same photosensitive ink, are used to pay in comercial transactions on public space and inserted into monetary circulation system. This actions were documented on video as well as the silkscreening process upon the bills.