Diego Gutierrez Valladares




-->UPCOMING ZAMEK Culture Residency and exhibition. Poznan, Poland.












Born in San José, Costa Rica (Dec, 1981).
Lives and works in Wrocław, Poland.

Diego Gutierrez Valladares is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and art-educator working in the intersections of collaborative art practices, technology studies and  pedagogy. His art practice and research focuses on collective processes that survey ways of inhabiting spaces (otherwise), forms of belonging, creating learning environments based on collaboration and sharing non-hegemonic ways of knowing. His work ranges from graphics and printmaking, collective forms of mapping, installation, exhibition design and workshop/actions.

Education & Studies

-2019-2021. PhD in Art (practice-based program), thesis title: ‘Making milpa: towards collaboration, care and porosity’. Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland.  

-2013-2014. Postgraduate program. Interdiciplinary Printmaking. Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland. 

-2011-2012. MA in Artistic production. Polytechnic University of Valencia (U.P.V).

-2004-2009. BA in Fine Arts in printmaking. University of Costa Rica (U.C.R).

Further education

-Becoming “Lumbung” masterclass by ruangrupa. Salzburg International Summer Academy of Art 2021. Salzburg, Austria. 2021.

-Saas Fee Summer Institute of Art: Care, Caring and Repair in Cognitive Capitalism. 2020.

-Lifes Future. Seminar with prof. Achille Mbembe. European Graduate School. 2020.

-Expanding exhibitions: New approaches to curating. NODE Center. 2019.

-KlangKunstBuhne Der Prolog facilitated by Ursula Biemann and Rooms with Attitude facilitated by Alvin Curran at Universitåt der Kunst Berlin.

-Film/ Essay: conceptual practices and estrategies towards new forms of cinema workshop directed by filmmaker Miguel Ángel Baixauli, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (U.P.V). 2013.

-Photoetching in copper plate, directed by master printer Juan Lara of Ogami Press (Madrid). 2011.


-2022. Zamek Culture Centre in Poznan Residency Program. 

-2021. Unidee Lab: Tools and technologies for embedded arts practice.

-2021. Spring Summer Residency 2021 Unidee Groundwork for embedded art practices.

-2014. Falu Konstgrafiska Verkstad. Falun, Sweden.

-2009. Guanlan International Print Base.Shenzhen,China.

-2007. Taller de Gráfica Experimental (Havana, Cuba).

Awards and Grants

2018 Scholarship Interdiciplinary PhD in English. Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw.

2014 Scholarship Postgraduate program Interdiciplinary Prinmaking. Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw.

2010 Honorable Mention. 14th International Print Biennal Exhibition R.O.C. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMOFA). Taichung, Taiwan. 


-National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (N.T.M.O.F.A).Taichung, Taiwan.

-Guanlan International Print Base.


-“On the move” for Maps and territory. Philosophy and Cartography International conferences. E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design and University of Wroclaw. Oct. 2019. Wroclaw, Poland.

-”Mapping relational practices: on care, collaboration and affect.” Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. (online) Nov. 2020.

Workshops and teaching experience

-2020 ƧPAM. Casa 49. San José, Costa Rica.

-2020 Making milpa. Collective graphic workshop. Mutant letterpress, Wroclaw, Poland.

-2018-2021 Teaching assistant. Facilitating Experimental Print course. Department of Graphic and Media. E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design. Wroclaw, Poland.

Curatorial projects

-2020 ƧPAM. Casa 49. San José, Costa Rica.

-2020 The Language of Water, Centre for Social Development. Wroclaw, Poland.

-2021 Making milpa: The Kitchen. E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design. Wroclaw, Poland.

Solo shows 

-2019  KAMIKAZE. Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design. Wroclaw, Poland.

-2009 The Uncontainable city. Galeria 1887. CENAC. San José, Costa Rica. 

Selected group shows
-2020 Borders. Omsk State Contemporary Art Museum. Omsk, Russia.

-2020 Satellite Images. TYPA Gallery. Tartu, Estonia.

-2020 Geografismos. Casa 49. San José, Costa Rica.

-2019 Maps and Territory. Centre for Applied Arts and Innovation. Wroclaw, Poland.

-2019 Zeniths. Wroclaw Museum of Contemporary art. Wroclaw, Poland.

-2018  Inmersed in images. MTG Krakow Print Triennial. Main exhibition. Bunkier Sztuki. Krakow, Poland.

-2018  9th Douro biennial. Alijo, Portugal.

-2015 Interdiciplinary printmaking exhibition Neon Gallery. Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts. 

-2013  Circulation curated by Paul McAree. FLOOD gallery. Dublin, Ireland.

-2012  Selecta. Galeria Kir Royal. Valencia, Spain.

-2012  MTG Print Triennal Krakow (Main Exhibition). Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary art gallery. Kraków, Poland. 

-2011  "Millenial Wind:World Plate and Print Exhibition" . Millenial Anniversary of Tripitaka Koreana. World Exchange Hall. Hapcheon-gun, South Korea. 

-2010. "14th International Print Biennal Exhibition R.O.C". National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Taichung, Taiwan. 

-2009  2nd International Guanlan Print Exhibition. Guanlan Original Print Base. Shenzhen, China. 

-2008  "Premio Ingráfica: Contemporary Printmaking". Iglesia La Merced. Cuenca, España.