A project conceived by Diego Gutierrez-Valladares and Mauricio Herrero.

ƧPAM is a collaborative project for thinking through mapping. An archive of images is available at the Project’s cloud account for all participants. By accessing the Project folder, participants can copy one or more images. After copying these files the participant must modify or intervene them with techniques of their choice. Once modified the image files must be uploaded in a digital format back to the cloud account. Finally the participant must share the link to the folder with as many contacts as possible, along with the following instructions facilitating the continuation of the process.

1. Access ƧPAM's Dropbox:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/78u7khlycsbcw4m/AADhejQgawaHUwL4e27cZJH3a?dl=0
2. Select one or more images, copy and modify them. Modification/ intervention technique remains open to the participant.  For images keep resolution at 300 d.p.i. and .jpg format.
3. Upload the modified archive(s) back to ƧPAM´s Dropbox.
4. Share Dropbox access with as many other contacts along with these same instructions.

CASA 49. San José, Costa Rica. 20.02.2020

Images collected from global participants were printed to conform a single Map montage made of prints and lasercut matrixes. Following this montage a workshop as extension of the piece was organized to collectively intervene the prints by drawing, collective printmaking and carving of matrixes. The result is a new montage and exhibition where the audience is allowed to take pieces of the Map under the condition to continue intervening the images, sending it by postal service to new recipients and repeating the action. Artists and collaborators: Ioannis Anastasiou, Ivan Juarez, Pawel Drabarczyk, Sepa Sama, Jumana Hamdani, Varvara Tokareva, Alessandro Valerio Zamora, Luis Durán, Thomas O’ Grady / Calero Nation, Sergio Caballero, Mariela Richmond, Flavia Sánchez Cabezas, Kinga Bartniak, Majka Dokudowicz, Juan Pablo Meneses, Rafael, Audi Chamorro, Sonia Sánchez Avelar, Carmen Razo, Karen Clachar, Inova Walker.